I’ve added a few videos, like of the fire truck making waves in my new door-front babbling brook, all of which can be found in my photo site.  My upstairs neighbors went for a walk, here is Elif with something in her shoe (water perhaps?). How bad is/was the flooding?  Well, the image to the… Read More

I just heard the fog horn of a large ship.  I certainly hope it remains at least a two blocks away.  Its wake may take out a few buildings.  I also heard a building fire alarm but couldn’t tell from which direction it came.  I just surprised I only heard one. The flooding is hitting… Read More

The police came by with an announcement over the loud speaker; it was garbled and unintelligible. I heard someone scream out their window “What?!”  Indeed Ma’am, what. This is a live video of the pier at the end of my street http://www.erikthered.com/cam/ and is updated every ten minutes.  This camera is looking either NE or… Read More

As the camera panned down the beach, the news reporter said they used a bulldozer pushing sand to form a “Maginot Line” – what an amazing bit of amount of irony on the news. Around 17:30, the rain finally started falling consistently, if only a light sprinkle, after a day of rain and dry in… Read More

So, there is a bit of a small squall starting around here.  Irene, Ilean, Dixie’s Midnight Runners, meh. So far, we’ve cleaned off the roof to keep projectiles from breaking skylights, put the trash cans into the utility room, and duct taped the Bilco doors to keep the rush of basement-bound water to a trickle. … Read More

The work engagement has mostly ended for this India trip. So now, we begin the fun by following suggests from some Secaucus friends that formerly lived in Delhi – get out of Delhi. The Indian state of Rajasthan is my destination with the city of Jaipur as my centre of operations. But, how to get… Read More

I have officially concluded that my mother can never visit India.  During her rides through the narrow streets of Hoboken or wide avenues of Manhattan, there is an audible gasp when traveling under the speed limit with ample clearance – both of which are still uncomfortable to her.  Mother’s reaction to three motorcycles weaving in… Read More

That new aeroplane smell of my 777-200 seat with its ability to recline with stretched toes helped me to sleep a little. With bumps from each little fluffy cloud, I tend to wake up, so this transatlantic+transcontinental+transsemicontinental flight makes me a bit zombieish. This gives me ample opportunity to gaze out the window at some… Read More

In a few hours, it is time for another aeroplane ride. From the wonders of EWR, I strap myself to the side of a turbo prop and take a 25 hour flight – leave at 21:00 Saturday and land in DEL at 22:00 Sunday. Thankfully, the return trip is only 4 hours, leaving at 00:00… Read More

Beer, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems — Homer Simpson (paraphrased) Saturday was the first day of Oktoberfest, the Munich fall festival celebrating the heritage of the city.  Or so they say, since a festival completely dedicated to beer would be a thoroughly irresponsible predicament.  We arrived at the Theresienwiese in… Read More