I’ve added a few videos, like of the fire truck making waves in my new door-front babbling brook, all of which can be found in my photo site.  My upstairs neighbors went for a walk, here is Elif with something in her shoe (water perhaps?).

How bad is/was the flooding?  Well, the image to the right (click on it for full size) shows the height of the Hudson River around 1015 at The Battery (see map) on the tip of Manhattan near my house from the US Gov Weather Site (site is constantly updated).

Here are a bunch of pictures from a local website; I’ve picked out four nice ones:

  • Click here to see a great picture 1.5 blocks from my house looking down towards me.  The guy in the far distance in the middle of the road is standing in the intersection at my house.
  • Here is an image on block over and one down from my house.
  • Not quite sure where this picture was taken, but row row your boat.
  • And finally, the ferry terminal, this is the land side of it, not the water side.

The wind has started again, seemingly more constant that before the storm hit.  And the sun actually shone its shinny face, if but only for a few minutes. Nevertheless, some streets are still impassable, like mine.

The flooding, wind, rain, and such has knocked out the Internet for a bit.  And since I have a viop-based telephone, that gets knocked out every-so-often too.  Plus, the cell service went down to one bar (OMG!) at one point.  But power has been fine, no flickers even.

I leave you with a comic: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/weather