I make my living as a hacker & infosec professional who occasionally posts on here on my personal blog at veggiespam.com. All commentary and opinions are my own and have nothing to do my employer or any of my clients. I do not write “articles” that are thinly veiled ads, I want to be transparent with you about how any post works.

  • Display Ads. – Display ads are shown in the “support this site” sidebar of the website and point to items that I like or recommend. Generally these are for books that a friend wrote or an artist’s creation. I make no money from ads displayed on your screen. If you click on a link, I get a kudos from a friend. A few of these ads are Affiliate Links.
  • Affiliate Links. – If an article contains a link to a product on another website, it might be an affiliate link. If you click those links and end up purchasing anything, I might get a small commission, generally not though. This is all at no cost to you. If a link points to Amazon, then As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I do not write posts/reviews for cash. If receive a product sample to review; such as a piece of technical hardware, some compute time on a cloud provider, or bottle of tasty liquor; I will clearly state what I received for free and that no actual money changed hands. These reviews will be completely honest, because your trust is worth more than any sample product or even paid review could be. If I ever choose to do a paid review, I’ll also disclose everything within that article – and still, I will be 100% honest. If a company has a problem with that, I wouldn’t want to work with them anyway.

I will update this page if and when anything changes. Thanks for reading!