The police came by with an announcement over the loud speaker; it was garbled and unintelligible. I heard someone scream out their window “What?!”  Indeed Ma’am, what.

This is a live video of the pier at the end of my street and is updated every ten minutes.  This camera is looking either NE or ENE towards midtown Manhattan.  The tall one on the right is the Empire State Building.  If you can’t see Manhattan or the pier through the rain sheer, go here to see what it looks like during the daylight via the daily archive of the camera, including a videos. Yesterday was pretty.

The fire department SUV drove the wrong way down First Street, picked up the barricade left on the sidewalk during the storm last weekend, and proceeded blocked off Southbound Willow.  They don’t want to deal with idiots on that block as it always floods in every moderate storm.  To get an idea of the area, take a look at the Google Map to see aboutwhat I’m talking.

If you’re up for another map, here is the city’s wonderful flood map (click to make big).  My house is near the “triangle streets” at the bottom-center of the map.  Red; great. Now, how much red; how much rain?  That will be the question tonight.

And right now, the sky is dry.  But, the tornado watch right now makes it feel all Midwest-like.