The last two times I flew to Europe, the journey took 7-8 hours. However, this time I flew into Dublin, slightly closer to the US if you look at a non-flat map. Nothing against this airport or the flight (both nice), but this flight doesn’t give you enough time to take a nap to get… Read More

So I broke down and ordered a few more shirts from Threadless (plus they’re having a nice fall sale right now).  If only we could wear these to work, but no, collars and button-down shirts.  I guess we’re lucky we have casual every-days, but an über-casual Friday would be nice.  Ah, to be in corporate America… Read More

A long track of events.  Recently, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Blackhat, Defcon, H.O.P.E., more beer, long busy events, and a busted ankle.  With the ankle being the depressing moment of the month.  Time to catch up, document my conferences, learn a bit more, and prepare presentations for work to teach others.  Plus more beer manufacturing.  … Read More

So, I passed off a bottle of beer batch two to a friend at a local cafe – he said it was the best beer he’s ever tasted. Me thinks he needs to get out more often, perhaps try a place that doesn’t serve big-named American beers. Batch three is ready but untested – need… Read More

So, I tried another brew – Weizenbier with my mini-beer kit.  Unfortunately, my assistant was not here!  Watching the birth of his child or some unlikely excuse.  Thus, I didn’t get the batch correctly made the first time.  About an hour later, I remembered that I forgot to mix in some boosters.  since it was… Read More

I recently acquired a system of brewing beer, something called Mr Beer. It’s a cheap kit and what the heck, I don’t have the enough room for a full-size adult kit. So, I’ll use my plastic children’s toy to make a brew. The first recipe is Vienna Lager. Baseball and hockey on the over-the-air HDTV, a few… Read More