The last two times I flew to Europe, the journey took 7-8 hours. However, this time I flew into Dublin, slightly closer to the US if you look at a non-flat map. Nothing against this airport or the flight (both nice), but this flight doesn’t give you enough time to take a nap to get acclimated to the time zones. JFK to DUB is normally 5h30m – but my flight left 5 minutes early since everyone actually got on board quickly, the taxi time was reduced for whatever reason, plus we had a tail wind. Thus, I ended up landing way over an hour early at 4am local time. People on #geekboy are still awake – it’s only 11pm! I’d hop on irc to say hello, but I seem to be without wireless (I blame my wunderbar laptop).

So, I have come to the conclusion that doesn’t count as a transatlantic flight – it is quicker than Denver to New York. Imagine a flight from Boston to Reykjavik: it would make EWR to ORD seem long.

At least a bunch of old guys are speaking Gaelic right now.

And, I got rid of all my small coins I’ve been holding since last year. One half-litre (16.9 US fl oz / 17.6 UK fl oz) bottle of Diet Coke: €1.80. I’ll let you do the math accounting for the “airport price factor” to determine if that is a good deal or not. It is too bloody dark outside and early to think.

Overall, the lesson here is: no sleep (guitar riff) ’til München.