So, I tried another brew – Weizenbier with my mini-beer kit.  Unfortunately, my assistant was not here!  Watching the birth of his child or some unlikely excuse.  Thus, I didn’t get the batch correctly made the first time.  About an hour later, I remembered that I forgot to mix in some boosters.  since it was so close to sealing up the keg, I thought I’d try adding boster late.  So, I uncorked the keg, added booster, and stirred.  We’ll see if it turns out or if I spoiled it.  

As for batch two, the “Canadian Draft,” it was a success. A few bottles were less carbonated than the others and there was an unexpectedly nice sweetness to one. Also, when looking at the bottles in the fridge, it looked as if the carbonation bubbles only came half-way up the bottle. Really funky looking, but there was no separation in the liquid. Nevertheless, still very good.