I just heard the fog horn of a large ship.  I certainly hope it remains at least a two blocks away.  Its wake may take out a few buildings.  I also heard a building fire alarm but couldn’t tell from which direction it came.  I just surprised I only heard one.

The flooding is hitting the front of the building, but not the side where the entrance to my apartment is.  They evacuated the city’s evacuation center last night, so I went to bed expecting a meter of water.  But, woke up with both power and Internet, though only one bar of signal on my cell phone.

The eye of the storm was calm, but now the rains have started again.  The map on the storm shows the extent with the eye centered around us – From Maine, to Washington, to Buffalo.  And now, the storm surge has started again.

Some pix: http://www.veggiespam.com/foto/Hurricane-Irene-Sunday-0900/ — click for full size.