As the camera panned down the beach, the news reporter said they used a bulldozer pushing sand to form a “Maginot Line” – what an amazing bit of amount of irony on the news.

Around 17:30, the rain finally started falling consistently, if only a light sprinkle, after a day of rain and dry in this super high humidity atmosphere.  An occasional nice breeze through the windows makes it bearable – at least until I’m forced to shut the windows.  Perhaps I’ll start to inflate the air mattress so that it may double as a raft; kitties will like that.

Batteries are charged in the cell phone, laptops (no Internet thought), iPad, a few flashlights, and an 18V drill / circular saw / sawzall.  Mmm… Sawzall.  And an old piece of plywood to shove on the windows if one breaks inward.  Since I have a USB TV tuner, I won’t need power and I can keep watching reruns of Baywatch to leave proper methods of dealing with water emergencies.  (Lesson learned: slo-mo running seems to help any situation – though I lack built-in floatation devices).

And do I have a non-electric can opener?  I wonder if Domino’s will deliver in 30 minutes or less or it’s free?  The city has outlawed liquor sales after 20:00, so I better get going if I’m to keep myself swimming in beer.  Otherwise I’ll have to switch to hard liquor.

Cats are fed.  Bathtub full of water. Me full of beer. It’s a good day.

Time for nachos.