So, there is a bit of a small squall starting around here.  Irene, Ilean, Dixie’s Midnight Runners, meh.

So far, we’ve cleaned off the roof to keep projectiles from breaking skylights, put the trash cans into the utility room, and duct taped the Bilco doors to keep the rush of basement-bound water to a trickle.  Of course, with the 8 foot storm surge now being forecast, the duct tape may have been futile.

In fact, the fire depart drove by on the loud speaker ordering mandatory evacuations for the first floor of all buildings immediately.  Guess that means my coffee shop is now closed.  I appreciate the advanced warning too.  I wonder why they didn’t tell people to move cars, but may the fire department wants to practice with the Jaws-of-Life.

And Bacon!  There was two pounds of frozen bacon in the chiller – no more.  I have one pound in the fridge ready to re-heat by candle if necessary.  MMMmmm… bacon, the other pound is in my belly (more likely ¼lb since it cooked down).  And beer, I have about a case in the fridge.  But none in my carboys as those are now filled with water – sacrilege.

The cats were annoyed since I vacuumed this morning (part of cleaning and getting ready), so they’re still hiding.  Plus, the cat carrier is ready to go in an emergency and Opus will most likely keep hiding for fear of being unceremoniously shoved into it again as he was for a recent vet appointment.

So, high tide is is around 20:15 tonight. The worst part of the storm surge arrives at 20:15. The tide is extra high due to the New Moon. The soil is completely saturated from the near record precipitation this month. Oh yeah, and largest rainfall comes around 20:15 too.

So, let’s take bets – how high will the flooding get at my house?  Inches, Feet, Meters, Fathoms?