A vastly updated version of my AWS S3 Bucket Auto-Encryptor has been released! Zocdoc‘s ZocSec.SecurityAsCode initiative focuses on delivering Security by automating detection and remediation of security issues across an AWS environment. With our Security as Code techniques, you can greatly reduce time from detection to resolution and minimize impact to the business. ZocSec is excited to announce the newest release of our S3 Automated Bucket Encryption lambda function to the public.

Highlighted new features included in this release are:

  • Simple Notification Service
  • Simple Email Service
  • S3 Bucket Whitelisting
  • Automated error checking for all services listed above
  • Enhanced logging capability in Cloudwatch
  • Improved README.md documentation

The newly included features allow any security team to gain stronger control and visibility across their AWS infrastructure. Each feature is customizable inside the lambda and users can follow the README.md for setup instructions.

The software is available on ZocSec’s public GitHub page – we welcome pull requests and bug reports. Let’s keep the Internet secure together.