Being a “bad a blogging” sort of person, I neglected to mention that I spoke at AWS Re:Invent in November for two sessions and that I’ll also be presenting at RSA in 10 days.

The slides and video from my and Brian Lozada’s Re:Invent co-presentation, “How Zocdoc Achieves Automatic Threat Detection & Remediation with Security as Code”, can be found on the AWS Events website in SEC321 #91642. The abstracted abstract:

… explain how Zocdoc uses AWS security services to seamlessly and automatically monitor, audit, and enforce their security policies within all their AWS environments. They use AWS security services, such as AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Shield, while using AWS Lambda functions to augment their security team, all without slowing down their developers.

At RSA, I’m presenting “Treating Cloud-Specific Threats with Automatic Remediation” in conjunction with Josh Barons. The session abstract:

All cloud-based companies must deal with threats, but Zocdoc went from on-prem to fully cloud-powered in one year. Learn about how a healthcare-focused company established a cloud security program to address these threats using automation inside of a fast-paced agile environment with shifting business and technical priorities. Example problems and coded solutions will be provided.

The session, CSV-W10, will be held Wednesday 06 March 2019 from┬á13:30 – 14:20.