I would like to express my thanks for each and every one of you who gave me a nomination for the ISC^2 Board of Directors.  Unfortunately, I did not get enough endorsements to meet the ISC^2 minimum, but let’s look at what did happen:

  • I am not a blogger by any stretch
  • I have zero publications in the security field
  • I have only given one public security presentation
  • My twitterverse following is in the teens (@veggiespam)
  • I have no zero-day disclosures that publicly announce my name
  • … Ergo, I’m basically a nobody in the Infosec world.

My run for ISC^2 consisted of:

  • One tweet
  • The ISC^2 delayed e-blast
  • A blog post
  • One email to my coworkers (of which almost none have ISC^2 certs)
  • And a scorched-Earth campaign platform
  • … So, it was a campaign of extreme change with little promotion.

And the results:  50 endorsements.  That’s 10% of the way to the ballot with minimal publicity by some anonymous guy with a destructive plan for the CISSP.  If people are that dissatisfied with the ISC^2 and the CISSP to give me a shot at the BofD, then there is something seriously wrong.

The other people running for the board need to take notice of the problems.  Why do so many established computer security professionals want to do away with the CISSP?  Why do people think the certification is a joke?  Why do they think the organization is scam to keep a small synod of people employed with the dues?  What of the budget; where does the $25M go?  Why are the candidates segregated and those board-endorsed ones get a ten day head start on the e-blast campaign?  We need answers.

Once the final set of candidates is announced, I’ll provide a list of those who I endorse.  There are some that also want accountability and change.

Again, thank you for your support

-jay ball, GSNA, CRISC, CISSP