Announcement: Image Location & Privacy Scanner v0.3

I have completed a large update of the Image Location Scanner software; so many new features in fact, it gets a new name: “Image Location & Privacy Scanner”. It now detect serial number from the cameras in scanned images and even the camera owner’s name from some Canon camera jpgs. You can read the previous post on this software and the pptx presentation at this link.

The Image Location & Privacy Scanner software is already available in the Burp App Store (Extender Tab). Just enable or update and images will be passively scanned. The ILS v0.3 software will be added to ZAP‘s alpha channel at some point in the future (v0.2 is there now). In either case, you can find the code on GitHub.

Send feedback as a GitHub bug report, via a tweet, or email.

Changes since v0.2

  • Fixed bugs where some codes Proprietary Camera codes were displayed as
    ID numbers instead of text
  • Strip out tags that are \0 null values or array of nulls
  • More testing of IPTC images
  • Updated to MetaData Extractor 2.9.1 for new XMP embedded in Exif tag support and
    other bug fixes
  • Detect multiple instances of categories, for example, if there are
    many sets of Exif GPS records, all are displayed.
  • Added display of camera serial numbers FujiFilm, Nikon, Olympus,Canon, Sigma
  • Added display of camera owner name for Canon
  • Added support for HTML formatting in the Burp output
  • Command line version output in text or HTML formats