So, I’m slow.  I’m finally getting around to the last bit of pictures from Hurricane Irene, only a few months late.  Lots more pictures located here: for your viewing pleasure. There are basement pictures, street aftermath, even a guest appearance from our controversy-free mayor. The last one was slightly sarcastic if you didn’t notice.

We had 1.23 meters of water in the basement and it cost $300 to hire some guy on the street with some old rust bucket of a pump to help excise the liquid.  Our maintenance company, who gives us preferred rates, wanted $2000. One of our fellow building owners had some appropriate, but not family friendly comments over the situation.  After 6 hours of listening to the racket and clatter far into the night, how much water was removed?  Building width 7.6m times length 30.5m times water depth of 1.23m = 285 cubic meters = about 1/9 of Olympic swimming pool (i.e. 79,300 gallons).

We’re dry now… until global warming raises the ocean level more.  Maybe I should sell before that day comes.