Here in an example of a recent challenge/response form found on a system not to be named.

Answer to What was your first pets name? is too short. Answers must be between 5 and 255,

Sigh. Chip, Ted, Lola, Opus, Kiki, C (the letter, not the language).

Answer to Where was your first school? is used as the answer to another question. You may not have duplications.

Double Sigh. Sucks if you were born and raised in the same city, like most people in America.

Setting up account …. Job failed. could not insert: [com.***.passphrases.domain.impl.PassphraseValueImpl]; SQL [insert into passphrase_values (passphrase_fk, passphrase_type, value) values (?, ?, ?)]; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not insert: [com.***.passphrases.domain.impl.PassphraseValueImpl]

Lé Sigh.

The *** is to protect a third party API who may not be to blame. Then again, the *** party are probably the ones who configured the default challenge/response questions. This is not an Apache Hibernate issue; I was told that much. The SQL failed but everything appeared to work just fine; I could still do my job.