I use PHP+Wordpress for a security blog, yes there is irony here. I mostly do this because I’m too lazy to use other mechanisms and this maintenance also helps me to learn about technologies so that I can help others. And now it’s time to update PHP because, you know, security issues. And of course 7.28.0 ends up breaking stuff, sigh.

The underling issue was my code-highlighting plug-in (WP|Git) broke; not the end of the world, but this filled the error logs and took down the entire blog – even for page without code and for the home page where no code is rendered. It seems WordPress processes the entire post as if to render it, even when generating the main home page where only the first few sentences are displayed. Ugh. So, how to fix this.

A few DuckDuckGo’s lead me to this page with great advice in Japanese, which I cannot read. I would like to thank the author for his|her pointers!

Masthead is screenshot from WebKV.com – CC0 by me